Tom Cuccio Photography

Tom Cuccio is an up and coming American landscape photographer sharing his talent, passion, and devotion through the view finder of his travels. As Tom spends his time planning for that next trip, or in the field shooting, or at home developing his last roll, he works to capture a moment in time that will never happen the same way again.

Living in  Snowmass Village Colorado I spend my time traveling and exploring Colorado's landscape.   I get a rush out of reaching a location just in time to catch that timeless photograph.  

My love for photography started when I was in high school after taking my first photography class.   Growing up I wanted to understand how everything worked by taking it apart and putting it back together, sometimes better.  And picking up a Cannon AE-1 program was no different.   That summer after the beginners photography class I built my own darkroom and started processing prints!   It ended up taking me the entire summer to get the darkroom up and running but was well worth it.  

Today I shoot with a Canon 5d ll and an assortment of Canon L series lenses. Having moved over to digital photography and taking what I learned in my darkroom I was ready to start expressing my self behind every shot.   Spending weeks and months planning out a single shot, weather it takes me one time or 50 times at a single location.   Every shot in my portfolio was carefully thought out and captured to what can hopefully be shared and enjoyed by all.  


Tom Cuccio Photography